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Angry Brown Girl

Lip Service, green amber, Tshirts, flowy dresses FOR TRADE

I have a few things that I cannot wear any longer (I work for a research hospital, grew up, lost some weight, never wore but bought). I am looking for trades only.

VAGINA WARRIOR. This is an awesome tshirt that I bought but did not wear. Size LRG


Size large VAGINA WARRIOR tshirt. It fits me a size 18 in blouses (snug)


I cannot wear long dresses since I wear mostly slacks to work. These are very beautiful dresses that tie/adjust in the back.

Three 3 long dresses, colors: grey, maroon, and light green. Size 1x but can fit up to 2x. (It fits my sister that she is a sz 20.

I only wore this dress twice, bought on ebay. I cannot wear it work since I am now commuting by bike and I wear slacks or short skirts. Size 1x but stretches in the back. This is the seller's picture and mine to show you the color. Very twirly.

NEW: Aerosoles shoes. My mom gave me these and they are too high and too sassy for my type of work. They are quite comfortable. Worn only when I tried them on. SZ 9

NEW A little quilted velour like purse in blue. Too small for me.


I forgot about this
Thai wrap pants, only tried them on. SIZE 3x but since they are wrap pants, they are usually good for a size smaller. Picture of the hem detail. Beautiful. Just need to iron them

Lip Service Plaid Skirt from Torrid, 4 years ago I think. Size 18 (but I think fits more like a 16). Very short and cute. Wore it only once.

HUGE green pendant. From China. Ebay seller ( a million years ago) said it was synthetic amber. If I did not have such a short neck or if I was brave enough I would wear it.

The only thing wrong with this is that it is loose, but you can fix it with a bit of glue. Very cute, sterling silver.

RED PENDANT. Just needs a little cleaning

Size 8 rings

Rhinestone pin

Brown peasant dress. Worn only once when I dressed up as Mexican Revolution Woman Soldier. SZ 1X but stretches.

BLACK and PINK KITTY EAR HAT. very cute. A little old but still usable and warm.

kimono style shirt sz 16

THIS BOOK: Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker
and a Beaded Jewelery book

What I want!

Size 1x tops, button down, White, prefer cotton or any other color
ANy other style cotton tops size 18-20

Big sunglasses, not wrap around
Black or brown or dark blue skirts, size 18, prefer below the knee or pencil skirts
NEW WANT: Purse: brown or black, leather or leather like purse. Something classic, satchel like style, but open to any other colors styles.
NEW WANT: a black straight skirt, below the knee (i am short)
Dresses size 18/20
Ballet flats size 9.5 to 10, prefer solid but would consider patterns
NEW WANT: Short or long sleeved cardigans, size 1x or 2x
Slips full or half slips - especially vintage!!!!!!!!
Lacy camisoles size 1x, sz 18 or camis that I can wear to work
white nightgowns, like this: Cotton
size 1x-2x
vintage or vintage like purses
robe, not a terry bath robe, size 2x
Shape wear (not full due to hygiene), like this
Or a variation (I am a size 1x when it comes to shapewear)
OR any other interesting trades.

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